2 OCEAN JASPER Tumbled Stone aka Sea Stone, Select Size #BC100



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2 OCEAN JASPER Tumbled Stone aka Sea Stone, Select Size #BC100

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You are buying Two (2) beautiful OCEAN JASPER (aka "Sea Jasper") Tumbled Stones that are from one of the lots pictured.

Size: Small= Approximately .75" - 1.2" length ( First Photo )

Large = Approximately 1" - 1.7" length ( Second Photo )

Shape: Organic Semi-Rough

Quality: 1st Choice
Colors: A harmonizing mix of creamy earth tones like tan, brown, pink, Black, yellow and white, and every bag will have a mix of two different colored stones.

Natural stones may vary slightly from stated size, weight, and color as shown. Picture color and clarity may vary due to different settings on monitors and mobile devices.

These are beautiful, organic shaped tumbled stones from Madagascar. They have lovely combinations of earth tone swirls and strips and some have small orbicular patterns and swirling bands in combination colors. A few have a druzy window (or vug) where you can see inside the stone. Simply breathtaking! Ocean Jasper is found only in a limited seaside area of Madagascar and is mined only from small veins in small quantity and much of it has been mined out so it is becoming more valuable over time.

I have hand picked these lovely and peaceful stones and use this type to feel like I am having an "instant vacation" when I need a quick respite from work. These are a good size for arts & crafts or displayed as small specimens anywhere.

Notes From My Professional Experience
In my healing practice, I use Ocean Jasper primarily for calming down "workaholic" tendencies in ambitious, driven people. It calms nerves and helps one balance life's activities, giving perspective, gratitude and a new appreciation of what is truly important. Yes, it is very good for physical healing as well but Ocean Jasper excels in the psychic realm, helping one navigate social situations at work, home and play, nurturing the present moment. Ocean Jasper is one of the best stones for self healing; calming nervousness and nervous habits due to stress. It is also very protective. Helps heal the heart, promotes self love and love for others.

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