2 Blue Azurite Druzy Rough Stone Mini Cluster #AR70



2 gm Parcel 4 gm Parcel

2 Blue Azurite Druzy Rough Stone Mini Cluster #AR70

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2 gm Parcel 4 gm Parcel

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This is a relatively rare form of Azurite from Afghanistan that is naturally shaped into a small cluster. The color is deep, dark Indigo, and is absolutely beautiful! They are perfect for grid work or to set into a ring. Personally, I like to use them for medicine bags and crystal healing grids.


  • Includes a set of two (2) similarly matched Rough Mineral Mini Clusters of rare Azurite from the same lot as the picture above
  • Choose between 2 gm parcel or 4 gm parcel
  • Each piece has sparkly, druzy crystals on both sides.


  • Weight: Approx 2 -4 gm
  • Total weight: 1 - 2 gm each
  • Size: Each cluster is approx 10 - 18 mm wide
  • Color: Dark Indigo Blue

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Additional Notes

  • Natural stones may vary slightly from stated size, weight, and color as shown.
  • Picture color and clarity may vary due to different settings on monitors and mobile devices..
  • Notes From My Professional Experience
    • In my crystal healing practice, Azurite is a deep and wonderful physical healer for a variety of organs and systems. Many women use it to encourage healthy fetal development. Mentally it is one of the best for stress relief, healing grief, worry, and sadness. When combined with Malachite it can be used for the heart and protection. Spiritually, use Azurite on the Third Eye to open spiritual vision.

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