2 African Citrine Polished Points #SK5996



Mixed Pair Similar Pair

2 African Citrine Polished Points #SK5996

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Mixed Pair Similar Pair

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  • Tumbled for a smooth finish
  • Fits comfortably in palm
  • Energy generator 
  • Excellent for manifestation, altars, and medicine bags,
  • Great stone for wire wrapping and jewelry making 

Product Description: 

One of the most popular members of the Quartz family, Citrine attracts prosperity, abundance, good fortune, success, and positive energy. Its sunny disposition is beneficial for energizing all areas of life and is ideal for chasing away depression, fears, fatigue, phobias, and the "blahs." It is very helpful in creating more of anything, so keep it near your wallet or safe. Emotionally it is an effective cleanser for emotions, body, and soul, promoting self-confidence, esteem, and pure joy.


  •  Set of two polish points 
  • Tumbled crystal points 
  • African Citrine

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