PINK OPAL Tumbled Stone Small 10 gm Parcel #SV1


PINK OPAL Tumbled Stone Small 10 gm Parcel #SV1

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Want to be tickled pink? Then grab hold of one of these super sweet Pink Opals and savor the love... They are the perfect smaller size too. About 4 - 6 per package.

You are buying a 10 gm Parcel of beautiful PINK OPAL Tumbled Stone that is from the exact lot pictured. These are hand picked, very sweet, all natural creamy pink polished stones that can be used wire wrapped, for medicine bags or for any crafting, healing or metaphysical purpose. As is typical for Pink Opal, the stones tend to more on the flat than chunky side and has been polished smooth so it feels wonderful in the hand.

Size: Small = Approximately .40" - .75"
Country of Origin: Peru
Stone Count: 4 - 6 stones (this listing is based on weight not stone count so it may vary slightly)

Pink Opal naturally has bands or spots of brown, black or gold mineral present in a marbled or striped pattern and tiny "vugs" or indents that are part of the natural stone.

Notes From My Professional Experience
In my healing practice, I use Pink Opal primarily for promoting love, eroticism and passion in a relationship. It has a gentle energy and a very fine vibration so its effects are on behalf of self worth, loyalty, faithfulness, spontaneity and emotional stability. It is one of the premier stones for soothing the heart and can be very effective for insomnia or nightmares. It can be worn next to the heart or put under the pillow at night.

When programmed properly, Pink Opal can help render one unnoticeable ("invisible") to protect one from danger or to work in an area where stealth is required. (Note: Always use crystal energy on behalf of the highest good for all concerned.) Emotionally, creates very positive emotions and lightness of being.

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