1 XXL CRACKLE QUARTZ Tumbled Stone #CQ53


1 XXL CRACKLE QUARTZ Tumbled Stone #CQ53

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You are purchasing 1 (One) XXL Crackle Quartz Tumbled Stone from the lot photographed.

Size: Extra Extra Large = Approximately 1.4" - 1.6" across (30 - 39 gm)

Natural Stones may vary slightly from stated size, weight and color. Picture color and clarity may vary on different monitors, mobile devices and color settings.

Stunning and Crystal Clear! The quality of this quartz is amazing. It is mirror clear, crystalline quartz that is stunning from every angle. It has a crackle look inside that is created by super heating the clear quartz with boiling water so that it cracks along its natural cleave lines to reflect and amplify light rainbows. This is actually a process that occurs naturally in the Earth when Quartz is heated by magma and steam. The stones are tumbled smooth but occasionally you may feel a small, natural rough spot but for the most part they are quite smooth.

Inside, the crackles reflect light and rainbows in a dazzling display! Although the pictures cannot do it justice, these stones sparkles with light and some have rainbows. And it has the right energy to serve as a gazing or meditation piece. It is a treasure that will last a lifetime and sure to satisfy the most discriminating collector!

I highly recommend Clear Quartz as a meditation focus, either place it on an altar or hold in the hand. In my healing practice, I use Clear Quartz as a powerful, overall healing crystal. It is well known to energize and amplify intentions and blessings of every kind. It attunes to pure spiritual purpose. Clear quartz is the ultimate "programmable" crystal. You can combine it with any other crystal and it is a tried and true "cleanser" for all other crystals as well. Primarily I use Clear Quartz in conjunction with other crystals to clarify and enhance their healing powers.

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