POLYCHROME JASPER Tumbled Stone 1 XL Crystal #PJ01


POLYCHROME JASPER Tumbled Stone 1 XL Crystal #PJ01

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Bight and dramatic in gorgeous earthtones of red, orange and rust. Shiny and pretty!

You are buying 1 (One) beautiful Collector Quality, Polychrome Jasper Rhyolite Tumbled Stone that is from the same lot as the stones pictured. They are gorgeous extra large size stones with stunning natural patterns. Each is unique and there are thousands of amazing designs with swirls of color.

Size: Extra Large - approx 1.1" - 1.3"
Colors: Swirls of red, tan, orange, mustard, rust and a few have teal accents
Let us know if you have a color combo preference and we will do our best to hand select one closest to your desire.

This is a very pretty, custom polished stone from Madagascar, beautifully handcrafted with a smooth and shiny finish that feels wonderful in the hand. It is the perfect stone for Reiki healing, shamanic journeying, crystal grids, and body layouts. And they make wonderful gifts and collector specimen stones too. The spots on these stones are all natural. They are beyond beautiful! These have the same healing energy other Jaspers and also have an especially deep connection to the earth that supports ecological awareness and a connection to the animal kingdom.

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