1 Small RAINBOW Angel Aura Rough Quartz Point Platinum Crystal #AA06


1 Small RAINBOW Angel Aura Rough Quartz Point Platinum Crystal #AA06

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You are buying ONE (1) beautiful, Rainbow Angel Aura Quartz Rough Point that is from the same lot as the points pictured. Bliss Crystals custom made these points here in the USA with our laboratory partner, using a special vacuum process that creates the color permanently. This lovely Aura point has a faceted point at the tip, and a rough base. The surface has a beautiful rainbow coating over the frosted white/clear surface that flashes when you turn it in the light. It is ideal for wire wrapping or other jewelry projects as well as metaphysical use.

Size: Small = Approximately 1.1" - 2.0" length
Weight: Approximately 10 - 13 gm
Treatment: Aura processed with Platinum and Silver vapors
Point Type: Rough Quartz Crystal Point - single, a few many have tab or intersect points

This pretty point is an all natural, Rough Quartz Point Crystal that has been vacuum coated with Silver and Platinum vapor to give it the rainbow shine. The points are nearly perfect and may have small rough spots here and there as they were not cut or polished, but used exactly and naturally as they came out of the Earth.

Absolutely gorgeous and top quality. This process is called by various names (Rainbow, Angel, Opal) Aura. Please note that the Rainbow Aura color changes with the light and angle viewed, much like a rainbow or an oil slick on water...it is the reflective and refractive qualities that make Rainbow Aura so fascinating!

Notes From My Professional Experience
In my healing practice, I often include a Rainbow Aura crystal as a gift of deep love and respect for oneself or a loved one. Rainbow Aura is RARE, very healing and enhances communication. It is helpful in meditation, channeling and psychic protection as well. You can use it for making any kind of healing body layout, grid or use in Feng Shui. It also has the healing and metaphysical properties of Clear Quartz from which it is originally made.

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