Selenite Round Plate Size Medium Polished Altar Stone for Charging #SP51


Selenite Round Plate Size Medium Polished Altar Stone for Charging #SP51

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You are buying ONE (1) SELENITE Flat Round Plate that is from the same lot as pictured. The Stones are not included in the photo, they are an example of a crystal grid option.

Each is approximately 4.7" length x .50" depth. Measurements may vary slightly due to handmade nature of these lovely plates. Weight is about 8oz+ each.

Made of all natural stone, you can expect to see a wide variety of variations, striations, patterns and texture - no two are alike. Polished into a flat round plate with semi rough edges. So beautiful.

This pretty Flat Round Plate is polished smooth, the edges are Semi Rough, (Selenite is so fragile that its near to impossible to make these perfectly smooth) to showcase the natural beauty of Selenite. It is the ideal platform for cleansing your crystals or making a Crystal grid.

This Plate is hand crafted from the highest quality Selenite directly from Morocco, the Selenite Capital of the World. It has a wonderful translucency that reminds me of a glowing moon with a pearly white reflective surface.

Use Selenite liberally with other crystals but do not get it wet as Selenite can dissolve in water. Best to smudge it or use sound for clearing.

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