PURPLE OPAL with Quartz Polished Pyramid #PP30

$32.00 $39.00 -18% OFF

PURPLE OPAL with Quartz Polished Pyramid #PP30

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$32.00 $39.00 -18% OFF

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You are buying 1 ( One ) sweet and lovely PURPLE OPAL Polished Pyramid Stone that is from the same lot pictured.

Size: Mini: approx= 1.1"+ across
Weight: approx = 1.5+ oz

Natural stones may vary slightly from stated size, weight, and color as shown. Picture color and clarity may vary due to different settings on monitors and mobile devices.

This batch is filled with particularly pretty, polished stones with dark purple and lightning bolt looking white matrix of quartz. The color feels rich and feminine but the stone itself is durable! This is the perfect size for laying on the body, holding in the hand, bedside, meditation altar or display specimen. These pyramids have a very pretty, smooth and shiny finish that feels marvelous on the skin.

Opal comes in various types depending on the country, these are very well priced when you want the Opal spiritual energy but do not need to pay for the Australian fire type. I highly recommend these and use them myself. They have natural nooks and crannies and the color is naturally distributed in spots, veins and swirls.

The metaphysical energy is of the Violet Flame, a high spiritual vibration that I find ideal for meditation at the Third Eye. It has that kind of gentle traveling movement that brings you quietly along the path, laying aside resistances without noticing they are surrendered. So I have called it the "letting go" stone...something we all need to do at various times. Thoughts seem to melt away without even trying so meditation happens more naturally. Ahhhhh.....

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