Mugglestone Jasper Grade A Slice #SK6304


Mugglestone Jasper Grade A Slice #SK6304

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Mugglestone is a beautiful and rare combination stone of Hematite, Tiger's Eye Iron (Red or Gold or both), and Jasper (Red or Gold or both). Be sure to appreciate them in natural light and especially in sunlight where they will flash their stripes and mesmerize you with their depth! Mugglestone is known as a grounding and protective stone. Simply beautiful!

A crystal slice is a piece of crystal cut into a flat shape, often with natural, unpolished edges. The flat shape makes it easy to display upright on a stand or lay flat on the body. Slices can show off a crystal's pattern and colors sometimes better than a freeform or tumbled stone as there is more smooth, contiguous surface to look at.

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