EYE of SHIVA .50" Mini Sardonyx Agate Sacred Shiva's Eye for Medicine Bag #ES12


EYE of SHIVA .50" Mini Sardonyx Agate Sacred Shiva's Eye for Medicine Bag #ES12

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You are buying ONE (1) gorgeous, grade A, handmade Eye of Shiva Stone from a similar lot pictured.

Weight: 3 - 6 gm each
Size: approx = .50" + width x .50" height
Color: Mixes of earth tone colors - red, black, tan, blue grey, white, clear

Natural stones may vary slightly from stated size, weight, and color as shown. Picture color and clarity may vary due to different settings on monitors and mobile devices.

Small and Sweet for a little space among your sacred objects or for a medicine bag...Eye of Shiva is the BEST medicine for both body and soul!

This is an unusually beautiful stone with a swirling blue grey and brown "eye" or top image that was custom made for Bliss Crystals in Northern India from locally sourced Sardonyx Agate stone.

This shape with an "eye" top is considered a symbol of Lord Shiva, the Creator and Destroyer, Lord Brahman, the Cosmic Egg - the integration of both the masculine and feminine form of the Supreme Diety. Lord Shiva is always depicted with a "third eye" in the center of the forehead chakra which "sees all" in all dimensions. It is a most sacred symbol and stone that is revered worldwide especially by Hindus. The metaphysical energy of this stone is protection, grounding and healing on all levels. It is often used to promote harmonious sexual unions, fertility and manifestation (prosperity, good fortune, luck, abundance).

It can also be used for meditation, on an altar, in a temple or in Feng Shui (use in the Helpful People bagua.) This is a very auspicious stone that I deeply treasure on my personal altar and highly recommend to everyone who is sincerely devoted to the Divine in any form.

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