Gold RUTILATED QUARTZ Tumbled Stone w Black Tourmaline 1 MedLrg #WB2


Gold RUTILATED QUARTZ Tumbled Stone w Black Tourmaline 1 MedLrg #WB2

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Mythic gold needles in quartz are like rays of sun captured in stone ... so inspiring and uplifting! And a few of these are complemented with small rods or sprays of Black Tourmaline to cool, soothe and stabilize in case you get TOO excited!

You are buying 1 beautiful Gold Rutilated QUARTZ Crystal from the same lot of stones pictured. These have a golden glow and multiple needles, threads or patches of bright gold rutile, like crystal "eye candy!" But don't eat them! Put them in your pocket, crystal grid or medicine bag and enjoy the sweet healing energy. I suggest you hold this stone up to the light or in sunlight to investigate the incredible internal designs as some of the needles are deep within too.

Size: Medium Large = approx .75" - .85" each stone

This custom mixture is clear to yellow quartz with thin Golden Oxide needles and a precious few have small inclusions of Black Tourmaline. They are lovely and VERY hard to find in this small size and quality.

Rutilated Quartz is known as one of the best protective stones for therapists because it filters and protects them from any negative energies from their clients. It is wonderful for past life work and healing and sheds light on past events for the soul to learn important lessons. This size is especially suited for medicine bags, jewelry or healing layouts.

In my healing practice, I find Rutilated Quartz to be a powerful tool because it can reach deeply into the psyche to uncover hidden problems, whether from past lives or current problems. It can quickly help one change directions from negative to positive. For the thought process, use it to transform negativity into positive action, thoughts, emotions. Use it as a cleansing aura stone to re-balance and heal the auric field. One of the best stones for people working with the "shadow" side of their psyche so that they are protected from psychic attack when uncovering old wounds.

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