1 MedLrg AMETHYST Rainbow Aura Tumbled Stone aka Opal Aura #AA01


1 MedLrg AMETHYST Rainbow Aura Tumbled Stone aka Opal Aura #AA01

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If Angels were crystals chances are they would be Amethyst Aura, a truly heavenly version of the classic purple stone. These are shiny with rainbows, and all shades of regal purple from sparkley lavender to deep grape ! I love the mystical feeling of Aura Amethyst and keep them right alongside of my natural stones too. It has great rainbow energy for attracting deep meditative states, spiritual joy, contentment and intuitive wisdom! Love them! Because of their treatment with gold vapors, they are more expensive than regular Amethyst, so I am offering them in a variety of sizes to fit every budget.

Size: Medium Large = Approximately .85" - 1" across
Weight: 8 - 15 gm each
This listing is by weight not dimension so size may vary slightly.

You are buying ONE (1) gorgeous Collector Quality, Amethyst Rainbow Aura Tumbled Stone that is from the exact lot as the stones pictured. (Sometimes they are called Opal Aura, same thing....) Yes it has all of the qualities of Amethyst greatly enhanced. You fall in love with them and want more of these dreamy gems. They have an other worldly look and feel and I promise, you will love this stone as a treasure for a lifetime! And if you want to make spells, enchantments or wishes, this is the perfect magical stone for your highest good intentions.

Aura Amethyst is made by placing the natural tumbled stone in a vacuum chamber and bonding gold and iridium mineral vapors to the stone with heat and pressure. It is a permanent bonding so the color will not come off, it is actually part of the stone. And if you like to make jewelry, this stone will be a stunning wire wrap or pendant! It will certainly get alot of attention as will your good taste!

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