BLUE KYANITE Rough Stone Raw Natural Chunk 1 Medium #BK48


BLUE KYANITE Rough Stone Raw Natural Chunk 1 Medium #BK48

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You are buying One (1) Medium Size Blue Kyanite Rough Specimen from the group pictured.

Size: Range Approx 1.9" - 2.6" length x .75"+ depth/width
Weight: Approx 30 gm+ each
Color: Light - Medium Blue w natural striations
Country/Place of Origin: Brazil

Natural stones may vary slightly from stated size, weight and color as shown. Picture color and clarity may vary due to different settings on monitors and mobile devices.

These are nice blue specimens from Brazil, all natural and not polished or altered in any way. All of them are beautiful blades, grown around and through a Clear Quartz Base so the blades are mostly stable and hold together well all things considered. It is fascinating the way that Kyanite blades grow in layers, shooting upwards in one direction, and then...suddenly...there is another group of blades growing over or at angles making a complex design. Just stunning in their detail.

These are thinner blades, layered blades with a little body to them. They are a nice display size for Reiki, crystal healing and any type of gridding or healing application. Blue Kyanite is an important basic addition to any crystal healing collection because it is one of the very best stones for the throat chakra and the mind. Do not soak Kyanite in water because its layered structure could be damaged. Kyanite never needs cleaning and does not hold any negativity. If you feel it does need cleaning, then either run it for a few seconds under cool water, gently wipe off with a damp cloth or place it on a clear quartz cluster.

Notes From My Professional Experience
In my crystal healing practice I use Blue Kyanite primarily for working on the throat chakra with creativity, speech and discerning truth. Thus, Blue Kyanite is the crystal of choice for singers, public speakers, actors, teachers and performers. It accesses higher spiritual levels of knowledge (truth) that then can be manifested in speech. The same is true of dreams, where Blue Kyanite is able to help access the dream realms of experience into the physical realm through memory, analysis, intuitive logic and expression. Thus this crystal is referred to as a "high vibration" stone because of its spiritual attunement.

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