1 lb Treasure Box Mixed Stones, Broken Beauties #SK8100

$12.00 $29.00 -59% OFF


XL Broken Beauties SALE Box

1 lb Treasure Box Mixed Stones, Broken Beauties #SK8100

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$12.00 $29.00 -59% OFF


XL Broken Beauties SALE Box

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If you have a real Rockhound to buy a gift for, here is the ideal and budget-wise solution! It's a Treasure Chest of stones and specimens from our warehouse that for one reason or another are not in our Grade A listings. Each box is a mystery and different from every other box. This box has an assortment of tumbled stones and Selenite as shown in the picture. There is only 1 like this box. There are so many thousands of items in our warehouse, you could receive anything from wands, palm stones, jewelry, crystal carvings, mini stones, metallic stones, and rough stones...there may even be some packaged items with prices on them right off of our store floor. Read on, there's a real fun bargain here!

You are buying ONE FULL POUNDS (1 lb) of Assorted Sizes TUMBLED STONES and SMALL SPECIMENS from our "Chips, Pieces & Seconds" bin. These are the stones we remove from our Grade A listings when they don't exactly meet our quality, color, or size standard or become chipped or broken. Most stones are fully intact, a few are cracked or chipped. It is a great assortment of stones of all sizes from baby mini (about 3/8" ) and the specimens are up to 4" or 5". We have tried to make each box a very wide assortment of sizes, colors, and types so you get a bit of everything and that's what makes it FUN!

Size: Range from: 3/8" - 5.0" or more
Weight: 1 full pound of stones
# of Stones: This listing is by weight not stone count
The stones are not labeled and we do not offer an identification service for these budget-priced boxes.

The photo above is a top-level view of a box from a similar lot, with many stones underneath.
This is an ideal starter box for the Rockhound lover and for kids who are interested in rocks. Each box included a similar base with one or two special items. The base includes a crystal bracelet and spiral cage pendant too!

You'll find some real treasures in there too...virtually everything we sell has made it into the Seconds Bin at one time or another! So you never know what you will find from A to Z, Amethyst to Zeolites. Yes, there are just a few "rough" stones in there too, like Quartz or Peacock Stone and tourmaline. But primarily you will find an assortment of the following tumbled or rough stones such as Agates, Jaspers, Quartz, Carnelian, Leopardskin, Sodalite, Rose Quartz, Selenite, Rhodochrosite, Sunstone, Chrysocolla, Amethyst, Chalcedony, Celestite, Hematoid, Citrine, Terahertz, Serpentine, Labradorite, Moonstone, Ocean Jasper, K2, Lapis, Fire Agate, Fire Iolite, and others. It's very fun to sort through! There may even be a few "mystery" stones too!

Of course, "what is one person's trash is another's treasure!" So pick up on this great deal NOW if you want some hobby, landscaping, or craft stones in a huge variety of colors, shapes, and stone types. It is a TREASURE CHEST for kids! We don't hand sort them, but wrap them in tissues and plastic bags and then pack them safely in a Priority Mail Flat package right to your door.

We suggest that you rinse these with cool water (do not soak any of them) before using them as some of them might be dusty. Then air dry. Please take care as some stones may be jagged or sharp. Do not allow young children to play with these stones unsupervised.

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