1 Large BLUE HOWLITE Tumbled Stone Dyed Turqoise Color #BH01


1 Large BLUE HOWLITE Tumbled Stone Dyed Turqoise Color #BH01

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You are buying 1 Large BLUE HOWLITE Tumbled Stone Crystal, that are from the the lot pictured. This is a beautiful batch of tumbled stones that are dyed a bright and very realistic Turquoise color. Howlite is a naturally white stone that is often dyed with a turquoise color and known as "Poor Man's Turquoise" because it looks so much like real Turquoise and has similar metaphysical properties as well.

Size: Large = Approx 1.0" - 1.2" across each
AKA: Poor Man's Turquoise because it is often mistaken for Turquoise and has similar metaphysical healing properties

Blue Howlite is one of very few "dyed" stones that we carry. The dye does not affect its metaphysical properties in my experience. You will just love the deep turquoise color, and deep calming energy. It is the perfect size for arts and crafts, jewelry making and Feng Shui.

I always advise my clients to prevent dyed stones from getting wet as its very possible the dye could run. It does not come off on your hands unless they are wet. These stones make a wonderful pendant or other jewelry and feel wonderful in the hand.

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