1 Jumbo Striped Flint Stone from Poland #PF15


1 Jumbo Striped Flint Stone from Poland #PF15

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You are buying ONE (1) Flint Stone that is from the same lot as the stones pictured. These are Jumbo stones between 30-60 gm featuring fantastic natural patterns and color. Of course no 2 are alike, so we will pick intuitively for you. The colors are a mixture of cream, taupe and dark brown.

Finish: Very smooth with matte finish that feels like silk.
The striped pattern is extraordinarily lyrical, reminding us of tidal sand.


Metaphysically, Striped Flint specimens from Poland are a rare gift for the Magician in you. Caution is advised as you can start a real fire with them ... however, we recommend using it to stir up the embers and ignite any area of your life that needs rekindling, such as as health, wealth and psychic powers.

This type of Flint is quite rare and found only on the Vistula River, near the town of Sandomierz in Poland. It is from an old Neolithic mine of the Flint that was used to make prehistoric axes about 4000 BC and had significance in worship, rite and magic. Neothlic man was often buried with his flint axe as it is a most powerful talisman for the afterlife. The stone itself often resembles waves or rolling waters. When you knock one against the other, it strikes sparks - the fire! It is as though the fire leaps directly out of the rock. A most powerful energy that you can even smell!  We have gifted these stones to friends who are recovering from a long or difficult illness to ignite healing forces.

This stone was also used by the ancient Greeks and placed by the bedside to protect against nightmares and negative (dark) energies. It only stands to reason that a light giving stone would be the most practical magic against dark forces.  We recommend that you use it similarly but especially to delve into the psychic world (dark coming into light) if you are a student, Reiki Master, psychic reader, spiritual teacher, Tarot or Rune reader, Wiccan, channeler or in related mediumship work. Flint is a clarifying force that helps one "see" intuitively and understand what is being perceived. This Flint stone is a true treasure and Crystal Companion for the sincere seeker.

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