MALACHITE Tumbled Stone 1 Jumbo Green Stone #MT06


MALACHITE Tumbled Stone 1 Jumbo Green Stone #MT06

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You are buying ONE (1) Collector Quality, Malachite Tumbled Stone size Jumbo that is from the same lot pictured. These are Premium Quality Malachite (made from new material mined in the Democratic Republic of the Congo) with rich dark green color and beautiful patterns of bullseyes, swirls, lacey bands and eddies. Absolutely stunning! I have handpicked and sorted these gorgeous stones by hand as the "best of the best." These are considerably larger than our Large Malachite as they are chunkier and heavier.

Dimensions: Jumbo = Approx 1.4" - 1.6" length
Weight: Approximately 30 - 39 gm each

These are extraordinary specimens of chunky, heavy Malachite. This particular quality of deep, dark green is a real find! You will just love the deep green color, swirling "eyes" and uplifting energy. Malachite is a "must have" addition to every healing crystal collection as it is one of the MOST versatile and powerful healing stones. It was used extensively by the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans in jewelry, architecture and in religious ceremony. It was perceived as conferring power and authority on the wearer and was a protection against the "evil eye," in other words, unseen negative forces.

Notes From My Professional Experience
In my crystal healing practice I use Malachite as a "workhorse" healer every day -- and cannot do without it. I frequently use two or more at one time, especially when balancing energies. While it almost sounds too good to be true, Malachite is POWERFUL! It's action is immediate, focused and can be "felt" by almost everyone. It is not a subtle stone! Use it primarily for protection (example: from radiation, lightning, falls, accidents, psychic vampires, danger, threats of all kinds); deep psychological transformation; and a host of physical symptoms. Whenever you need to go to the core of a serious problem and create big changes, Malachite is a great choice. It is variously known as a stone of transformation, the midwife stone, the leadership stone and a stone of health/healing. Sometimes called the Stone of St. Francis as it may help to understand the language of animals.

Emotional/Mental: Malachite facilitates psychic vision and can be used on the third eye. However, be prepared to accept and handle what comes forward, as it will show exactly what blocks are present and what work needs to be done. It encourages risk-taking and change. This is why it is often used as a support in business and management leadership. Emotionally, it helps release inhibitions, promotes expression of feelings and assists in deep emotional healing of all kinds. It is known to enhance the creative energy of artists, musicians and performers. Socially, it develops empathy, lessens shyness and supports friendship. Mentally, Malachite is very well known for developing insight and intuition and increasing memory functions.

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