HEMATITE Half Polished Point Tower Specimen #HM05


HEMATITE Half Polished Point Tower Specimen #HM05

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You are buying One (1) Grade A, HEMATITE Half Polished Point from the lot photographed.

Size: Approx = 2.1"+ tall x 2.2"+ wide
Weight: Approx = 308 gm

Natural stones may vary slightly from stated size, weight and color as shown. Picture color and clarity may vary due to different settings on monitors and mobile devices.

This rough point is a natural stone that has been polished on the tip to show off its beautiful color while the base and shift have been left rough. The bottom has been cut flat so it stands up on its own. It is perfect for making a stunning display tower or to be used as a healing grid stone. Its detail and quality speak to its authenticity!

This particular lot was custom made in Brazil. They are very beautiful with a shiny, grey metallic polished surface, and a sparkling grey rough bottom. The color is completely natural, not dyed.

Hematite is best known for its grounding abilities. If you are just "buzzing" with anxiety, tension, overwork or excitement, these stones will bring you right back down to earth and sooth frazzled nerves. I always use Hematite to re-center myself when I've been around too many crystals and my nervous system gets on "overload."

Notes From My Professional Experience
Hematite is the premier grounding stone that can quickly help one get "back down to earth" during any stress, panic, overwork, fatigue, overindulgence, distraction or trauma. I wear a Hematite bracelet daily when I work with thousands of crystals and their energies to keep myself from getting too "buzzed" by all that fabulous energy. Hematite also helps me stay centered as I listen to clients all day long and their problems. Although I am empathetic with them and am able to help them, it is very important as a healer not to "take on" other's distress. Hematite (along with Black Tourmaline) is my first line of defense against taking on the disease or disharmony of my surroundings. And it works beautifully. Sometimes, if I do become overworked or feel stressed, I simply lie down and put Hematite crystals on both feet and in both hands (4 in all). After about 5 minutes of breath awareness meditation, the Hematite has calmed me down where my nerves feel back in balance.

Hematite is also known to harmonize body, mind and spirit, relieve stress, anxiety, insomnia due to overwork. Helps build strength of willpower, self esteem and confidence. Traditionally used to assist in legal matters. Mentally it helps memory, concentration, problem solving. This is one of the best stones for people who work in technical areas of science and math.

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