Green Moonstone Tumbled Stone Grade AA+ #GT30



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Green Moonstone Tumbled Stone Grade AA+ #GT30

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Large Extra Large

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You are buying 1 (One) Grade AA+, Green Moonstone Tumbled Stone that is from the same lot pictured. Please select from these sizes:

Size: Large = Approximately .85" - 1.0" at widest point
Extra Large = Approximately 1.2" - 1.6" at widest point
Country of Origin: South Africa

Natural stones may vary slightly from stated size, weight, and color as shown. Picture color and clarity may vary due to different settings on monitors and mobile devices.

Are you connected to the Moon and its cycles of change? When you are, Moonstone crystal calls out to your deepest intuitive and psychic powers to soothe, inspire and reveal. It is one of the essential stones of my metaphysical cabinet that I use on a daily basis, being a woman, an artist and healer. These gorgeous Green Moonstone Tumbled Stones are true Nurturing Gems for my emotional and spiritual sustenance.

This is a small lot that I acquired that has been handmade, polished smooth with all natural material (no dyes or fillers). It has incredible striations, pattern and color. These lovely stones have a depth and subtle sparkle that is so endearing. The Green and White colors are marbled and beautifully semi-translucent and chatoyant. They are ALL so pretty!

Notes in my Professional Experience

Green Moonstone is suitable for professional use in Reiki, massage, healing therapies, rituals, acupuncture, altar stone, jewelry making and spiritual practice. These are so pretty that you could wire wrap them for jewelry.

In my healing practice, I use Moonstone extensively and primarily for helping women access their Divine Feminine intuition, clairyoyance and spirituality. It is also widely used for men who are overly "macho" and need to develop their feminine side of compassion, emotional sensitivity and receptivity. Being a reflective stone, it also reminds us that the only Constant in life is Change and navigating change as gracefully as possible is a key to a happy life.

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