Green Marbled ONYX aka Green Agate Chalcedony #MG01


Green Marbled ONYX aka Green Agate Chalcedony #MG01

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How refreshing and sweet are these Apple Green Marbled Onyx stones? Sometimes called Green Agate or Green Chalcedony, they are semi-translucent and look good enough to eat! But save them for your palms where they will help bring a good start to a busy day. I like to use Green Onyx as a "tonic" when overworked or overly busy. It seems to soothe and relax me.

You are buying ONE (1) Large Green Onyx Tumbled Stone from the same lot as the stones pictured. These are polished smooth and very shiny and true "eye candy." Hold them up to the light and you can imagine they are made of spun sugar instead of the minerals that make up the Quartz family. (Agate, Quartz, Chalcedony and Onyx are from the same family. Their colors and varieties are endless, but they share much of the same origins and energies). They have subtle bands and layers that are so pretty. And a few layers of red onyx here and there.

Size: Large = Approx 1.0 - 1.3" at widest point

These are such pretty little specimens in an endless variety of patterns. They have may have spots, veins or splashes of reddish brown along with the green. And a few special ones have little "vugs" that are windows to the inside of the stone. Metaphysically I treasure vugs and use them to either store wishes or as a safe repository for sorrows that I wish to surrender into the Universe.

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