Grape Agate Small Natural Cluster Double Sided #GA132


Grape Agate Small Natural Cluster Double Sided #GA132

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You are buying one All natural Grape Agate Cluster from Indonesia from the group pictured.  Descriptive product card included.

Description: Approx 2" length, double sided with many  botryoidal grape like formations.  Lilac color, approx 1-2 oz each

Purple Bliss from Indonesia! Sweet and angelic crystalline orb clusters covering this gorgeous specimen will melt your heart.  I feel invited into the Garden of Eden gazing at this rare Purple Chalcedony Agate (some experts argue it is a form of Amethyst, but I don't care what it is called as long as it lives with me!) While it may appear fragile, I have found it to be quite stable and strong, although I handle it with care lest any of the nodules break off - so far so good.  It has exceptional color and form from every side and surface and we have only one like if it calls to you, do not delay!

These clusters radiate outwards in all directions and cover the surface.  I'm just stunned at its beauty and I think you will be captivated too. The color is a lilac purple with undulating layers of purple, mushroom-like leaves.  It is an organic masterpiece.

Chalcedony is a form of Agate that has a unique crystalline structure. I use Chalcedony Agate for clients who need serious peace of mind and a “cool down”. Because it releases energy at the throat chakra, Chalcedony Agate is often used for the throat, neck, and shoulder.

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