Gold TIGER'S IRON EYE Half Polished Point specimen , Size Large #TE23


Gold TIGER'S IRON EYE Half Polished Point specimen , Size Large #TE23

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You are buying One (1) Large, Grade A, GOLD TIGER'S IRON EYE Half Polished Point from the lot photographed.

Size: Approx = 2.8"+ tall x 2.3"+ wide
Weight: Approx = 334 gm

Natural stones may vary slightly from stated size, weight and color as shown. Picture color and clarity may vary due to different settings on monitors and mobile devices.

This rough point is a natural stone that has been polished on the tip to show off its beautiful color while the base and shift have been left rough. The bottom has been cut flat so it stands up on its own. It is perfect for making a stunning display tower or to be used as a healing grid stone. Its detail and quality speak to its authenticity!

This particular lot was custom made in Brazil. They are very beautiful with chatoyant, tonal brown colors, and with subtle scattered Hematite veins. The color is completely natural, not dyed.

Notes From My Professional Experience
When I adorn myself with Tigers Eye energetically, I am ready to face the world, courageous, fearless, eyes wide open.

Gold Tiger's Eye is the power stone and also known as a Sun Stone. Even these smaller pieces literally shimmer with chatoyant color and pattern. It captivates my mind and heart with its wild nature and African origin! When I wear Tiger's Eye, I am ready to face the world courageous, fearless, and eyes wide open. It is also great for strength and stability in healing environments, as well as endurance, positive energy and wise assertiveness in work environments!

In my healing practice, I use Gold Tiger's Eye primarily for stimulating vitality, motivation and metabolism. It is aligned with the sacral (2nd) chakra and can provide the "oompf" that many people need to re-ignite their sex drive, purpose and vital life forces! It balances yin/yang (female/male) energy and the hormones for both sexes. It is an excellent grounding stone and is frequently and successfully used as a prosperity stone, especially when paired with Pyrite. As the name suggests (Tiger's Eye) it is highly protective against dangers, accidents and psychic harm. This is a great stone to carry in one's car (along with Yellow Jasper). The gold version of Tiger's Eye is especially important to have during exams or important meetings as it is tied to success at one's endeavors.

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