Fire IOLITE Sunstone Tumbled Stone #FP46


Fire IOLITE Sunstone Tumbled Stone #FP46

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You are buying One (1) Large, Grade A, "Fire" Iolite and Sunstone combination Tumbled Stone from the lot pictured.

Size: Large: Approx= .95" - 1.1" across

Natural Stones may vary slightly from stated size, weight and color. Picture color and clarity may vary on different monitors, mobile devices and color settings.

This batch of Iolite and Sunstone gets its name from the fiery look of the Sunstone in Iolite. These tumbled stones are perfect for Collectors, with the deep, almost indigo blue and black veining inclusions, with some lighter orange areas that allow you to peer "inside" the stone. Be sure to rotate these stones to see all of the hidden, "fiery" sparkles! This batch of tumbled stones from India have been polished mostly smooth with some natural spots and feels amazing in the hand or laid on the body.

Iolite is kind of the opposite of is cooling, soothing and used for meditation and inner vision. Its the "inner stone" while Sunstone is the outer stone. A perfectly balanced combination, wouldn't you say?

Notes in my Professional Experience

In my crystal healing practice I use Iolite as one of the top healing stones for relationships. It can inspire finding new friends and attracting friendly assistance, while it also increases the self-confidence to approach new people. It releases discord in any type of relationship and may support breaking co-dependency and any other type of addiction. Iolite is well known as a vision stone and inner knowing, so it can be used either for meditation or dreamwork. Put it under the pillow or hold during meditation for shamanic journeys.

I use Sunstone for clients who need a shot of happiness and joy in their lives. It is the #1 stone that acts as fast positive force! Anyone who has had a "hard time of it" needs Sunstone to break the negative cycle that can capture the spirit and drag it down. If you need some good luck and upliftment in your life, then Sunstone is likely to bring it in many forms.

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