CELESTITE Large Geode Rough Mineral Specimen Natural Raw Crystal #CG23


CELESTITE Large Geode Rough Mineral Specimen Natural Raw Crystal #CG23

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You are buying ONE (1) sparkley CELESTITE Large Size Geode Rough Mineral specimen that is from the same lot as the stones pictured. This is a nice, larger chunky piece that has a sweet angel energy that you will fall in love with! These are all natural geodes with a unique character and the perfect size for a focal piece on an altar, meditation space or by the bedside for sweet dreams. Some are sparkley druzy and some are chunky points. They are a good size for display.

Size: Large = Approximately 2.0" - 2.5" across
Country of Origin: Madagascar

I just love Celestite! Overall it is everything I need in a soothing crystal: pretty blue color, translucent points, unique formations and that all important connection to the Angel Realm! This Celestite is the right size geode when you want something larger as a focal point. Celestite is naturally fragile and "crumbly" so please do not get it wet or soak it in water. If it gets really dusty, spritz it with a spray bottle of plain water and let it air dry. Do not be alarmed if tiny crumbles break off once in awhile or shed as it is naturally that way.

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