Angelite Sphere w/ Ring Stand, choose size #SK8711


Angelite Sphere w/ Ring Stand, choose size #SK8711

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Angelite is a great tool for promoting peaceful, mindful communication. It can help connect with Spirit Guides and Angels to provide spiritual guidance- whether that be during nightmares or insomnia. This crystal may also aid in communicating difficult topics. When holding Angelite near the body can help absorb negative energies from others.

Size: Approx. 118gm - 209 gm each

Spheres are a geometrical globe shape, usually polished smooth, that emits energy in a soft, gentle way into all directions equally. This makes a sphere ideal for clearing a space of any negativity and filling it with positive energy. If a sphere is small enough, hold it for meditation or place it on the body for healing. Larger spheres can be used for meditation and scrying.

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