Abalone - Crystal Healing Magic from the Sea


Appearance: Rainbow irridescent Mother of Pearl
Chakra: 2nd Sacral (Svadisthana)
Zodiac: Cancer, Pices, Scorpio, Aquarius
Country of Origin: Baja California
AKA: Haliotis Iris, Paua Shells, Nacre, Mother-of-Pearl, Aulon, and Sea Ear
Healing Properties: Soothing, calming, peaceful; relieve anxiety, stress, insomnia; promote compassion, love; strengthen bones and teeth.


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Stone Story & Meaning

Abalone Shell (as well as most sea shells) is a “Bio-Crystal” meaning it is created by a biological organism rather than formed in the earth from inert minerals, like carbon or silicon. Shells are made of nacre (aka Mother of Pearl) which is Aragonite or Calcite crystals layered with proteins secreted by the sea animal. As the Abalone grows it deposits multiple layers over time creating bright rainbow irrideccent colors when light refracts the stacked microscopic layers. Abalone is ideal for jewelry and has been worn for thousands of years by Native Peoples as adornment, tools, currency and in sacred rituals. It is available from Bliss Crystals as a Sage Smudge Set or as a simple shell to hold your crystals or other treasures.  There are some types of Abalone that are endangered species, and we are very careful to provide only Abalone shells that are not endangered and are ecologically harvested.

Healing Energies

Abalone shell is fundamentally an expression of healing Ocean energy (that’s why we always feel better at the water’s edge!) Using Abalone generates a feeling of peace, calm and being “right” with Nature. It has the ability to off load worries and cares, and transform negative energy into a positive uplifting mood. You can use Abalone as an inspiration for life’s journey with its ups and downs, and the courage to go on no matter the difficulty. Wear Abalone for inspiration in healing relationships as it promotes communication and compassion. Its beauty is a reminder of life’s essential nature, which is love.It is the ideal crystal for wearing as Inspirational Jewelry.

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