AQUAMARINE, Blue Beryl 10 gm Parcel Mini XS Natural Chips #AM26


AQUAMARINE, Blue Beryl 10 gm Parcel Mini XS Natural Chips #AM26

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You are buying a 10 gm Parcel of Gemmy Grade A, Blue Green Aquamarine Crystal size Mini XS that is from the exact same lot as the stones pictured.

Size: Mini = Mixed sizes approx 3-14 mm each (1/8" - 1/2")
Bag includes approximately 38+ stones
Weight: 10 gm bag

Natural Stones may vary slightly from stated size, weight and color. Picture color and clarity may vary on different monitors, mobile devices and color settings.

This PREMIUM batch of Blue Aquamarine is ideal for crafting, jewelry or adding to any crystal collection. It is simply a gorgeous color! This is the top quality that I personally use for crafts, only the best! They are so pretty and sparkley! The clarity ranges from glassy clear to milky blue. You will receive a hand sorted bag of approximately 38+ stones (this listing is by weight not stone count).

Notes From My Professional Experience
In my crystal healing practice, I use Aquamarine primarily as a stone of courage and calming and one of the best for meditation. Traditionally it was carried by sailors as a protection against drowing and ancient cultures believed Aquamarine to protect against dark (evil) forces. Today we know that it resonates with the throat chakra and its illnesses, intuition and high spiritual awareness. Physically, it has a general tonic effect and is recommended for the eyes and allergies. It has been variously known as the Seers Stone and the Mystic Stone. Many people carry it to assist in legal matters, as protection against enemies or accidents. It has a reputation for bringing together partners after separation or divorce. This is also a stone that should be carried daily on one's person in a small bag or pouch.

Socially, it is helpful for establishing and maintaining any relationship (friend, relative, lover) and the practice of tolerance. Aquamarine helps create a self-supporting and balanced personality that is dynamic, insightful and responsible. Mentally, it clears the mind of confusion and helps focus and self expression.
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