1 RAINFOREST Jasper Rhyolite EQ Tumbled Stone Crystal
RAINFOREST Jasper Rhyolite EQ Tumbled Stone Crystal ... from $4.95
To re-connect to the Earth and your own true nature, hold onto Rainforest Jasper and breathe deeply! There...isn't that better? You are buying ONE (1) Collector Quality, RAINFOREST RHYOLITE (JASPER) that is from the same lot as the stones pictured. Sometimes confused in appearance to Ocean Jasper (close cousin) this is an incredibly beautiful stone, forest green color that is mixed with browns, tans and reddish rust, some with a small pocket or vein of translucent Blue Chalcedony. The mottling on these is remarkable, interesting and unique. Each stone holds a surprise and is completely unique. These are really like collector mini-specimens, the best of the best. Overall the Rainforest Rhyolite energy is soothing and healing. Size (dimensions may vary slightly as some stones are heavier and more chunky) 2 Medium Large = Approximately .80" - .95" at widest pointLarge = Approximately 1.0" - 1.1" at widest pointExtra Large = Approx 1.2" - 1.3" at widest pointJumbo = Approximately 1.4" - 1.6" at widest pointColor: Dark green w brown, tan, pink, gold & blue Country of Origin: AustraliaBe sure to hold them up to the light to discover hidden pockets and orbicular patterns like little stars. Sweet. If you are lucky yours will have a little vug, which is a window opening to the inside "soul" of the stone. Use this vug to store your dreams and sorrows. It can hold you!Notes From My Professional ExperienceIn my healing practice, I use Rainforest Rhyolite as a specific healing stone for any spiritutal illness that might stem from damp conditions. It is one of the premier stones to help one connect or re-connect to nature and the Earth. It helps one to remember the place of human beings on the Earth, as guests rather than conquerers. This crystal is excellent for using in conjunction with natural herbs and plants. It is helpful to re-unite one with nature, rather than the unreal world created by the will and ego. This action brings peace and harmony, rather than conflict, stress and strife. It helps one to be in balance with body, mind and spirit. If you live in the city or in a climate that is not conducive to being outdoors, Rainforest Rhyolite brings a bit of the forest energy to the indoor environment and makes it more expansive and comfortable for the human body and spirit. Keep one of these on your desk at work or at bedside for more peaceful dreams of nature.
Rainforest Jasper 1-1.8
Rainforest Jasper 1-1.8" Tumbled Stone #SK9931 $4.95
Size: 1-1.8"Rainforest Jasper often contains other crystals like translucent Chalcedony and volcanic related minerals. This stone feels like a refreshing visit to the forest, connecting one to Nature and the Earth, pausing the mind to rest and reflect. It is helpful in past life work and anchoring to the present while resolving old conflicts.Tumbled stones are smaller pieces of crystals or rocks that have been processed in a rock tumbler with water, sand, and grit. Over weeks in a tumbler, the stone edges and surfaces become smooth and sometimes highly polished to bring out the beauty of the stone. The pleasing shape and size of tumbled stones make them desirable as more inexpensive and usable crystals.
RAINFOREST JASPER Crystal Information Card Double sided RAINFOREST JASPER Crystal Information Card Double sided
RAINFOREST JASPER Crystal Information Card, Double s... $1.25
You are buying 1 (One) Hand Crafted, Bliss Crystals RAINFOREST JASPER Crystal Information Card. These cards have been designed and printed by our shop, backed by years of personal experience in using Healing Crystals. The paper is card stock with a smooth matte finish so it won't show fingerprints.Business Card Size: 3.5" x 2"These cards are ideal for including with a crystal gift or adding to your personal knowledge for your collection, medicine bag, or altar. Tuck this card Crystal Card into your purse, wallet or backpack or keep it at bedside. On the front of the card (pictured) you will find prints of the stone along with its source locations, color variations, along with Chakra and Zodiac associations. On the back of the card (not pictured) you will find the stone's healing uses based on personal experience and legend.May you enjoy wisdom, discernment, and divine guidance on your life's journey!

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