Clear Quartz Gem Cut Hexagon Star aka Star of David Gem "Pillow" Faceted Carving from Brazil #SK5981


Clear Quartz Gem Cut Hexagon Star aka Star of David Gem "Pillow" Faceted Carving from Brazil #SK5981

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Size: approx. .75 - 1" across, 10g,

As one of the most abundant crystals on Earth, Quartz is known as the "King of Crystals" and a "Master Healer." It is highly programmable with your intentions and not incidentally the prime component in electronics that now run our world. So use Quartz as your starting point to direct energy to where it will do the best in life, whether it is for health, for healing, or for manifesting your heart's desires. Although Quartz often looks like ice, it is truly capable of starting real or virtual fires with a laser-like focus, so use it carefully with well-thought-out intentions.

These are a very nice quality, yet reasonably priced crystal to use for jewelry, crafting, metaphysical healing, or collecting purposes. These are a pretty Quartz flat Hexagon shaped pillow with 6 beveled sides, double-sided, and a faceted Star of David design in the center. It has a sparkly, ice-like appearance. This is a good size for making jewelry, crafting, or medicine bags.

The picture shown is representative of the size, shape and color but there are many natural variations that you can expect. They are all beautiful and I guarantee that you will love these gem pillows. They are a true Crystal Basic that everyone can use for healing, grids, crafting, and Feng Shui.

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