1 Rose Aura Laser Quartz Crystal Rough Crystal Point Pink #RA04


Weight (Size)

6 gm 1.5 gm 2 gm 3 gm 4 gm 5 gm

1 Rose Aura Laser Quartz Crystal Rough Crystal Point Pink #RA04

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Weight (Size)

6 gm 1.5 gm 2 gm 3 gm 4 gm 5 gm

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A rare and special treat! Call it Cotton Candy, Cranberry, Rose, Raspberry or just Pretty in Pink, these gorgeous Pink Aura Quartz Rough Points are sure to delight your soul, tickle your funny bone and bring a huge smile to your face! I just LOVE Rose Aura and I know you will too!

You are buying 1 (One) hand picked, beautiful PINK AURA QUARTZ "Needle" Rough Laser Point Crystal that is from the group of points pictured. They are ideal to make jewelry or grids. This is a gorgeous iridescent and very sparkly Rose Aura Quartz point. Most are double terminated. They vary in size by weight (the heavier the weight the longer and thicker they are). There are plenty of shimmery crystalline inclusions inside to reflect light and a beautiful Pink & Rainbow sheen. So beautiful! It is one of my favorite crystals to use for a shot of happiness when I feel down or tired. It really lifts me up quickly and easily.

1.5 - 1.9 gm (Approximately 1.4" length)
2.0 - 2.9 gm (Approximately 1.5" length)
3.0 - 3.9 gm (Approximately 1.6" length)
4.0 - 4.9 gm (Approximately 1.7" length)
5.0 - 5.9 gm (Approximately 1.8" length)
6.0 - 6.9 gm (Approximately 1.8" - 2" length)
This listing is by weight not dimensions so size may vary somewhat. The heavier the point, the wider or longer it will be.

AKA: Cotton Candy, Cranberry, Rose, Raspberry or Pink Aura

These Quartz points are in their natural formation and have not been cut, polished or filled in any way - with the exception of the Aura color process, it is just as it came right out of the Earth as a rough specimen point. Most of these have a natural double termination and a dramatic color with sparkling crystalline inclusions that will command attention. These Rose Aura points are all ONE OF A KIND TREASURE and such fun to explore. Absolutely gorgeous and top quality.

The Aqua Aura process is completed by placing an original ice clear Quartz Rough Point in a vacuum chamber and then bonded with heat and pressure with Platinum and Silver or Gold vapors which results in the rainbow reflecting iridescent, pink color. So in spite of having an artificially created color, Pink Aura is intense and beautiful. It is a splendid specimen from every angle, front, back and sides and should be displayed to enjoy its beauty with bright light shining through it. It has a very bold and dynamic look. This gorgeous point will be a wonderful addition for some lucky collector and is an ideal candidate for wire wrapping.

Notes From My Professional Experience
In my healing practice, I often include an Pink Aura crystal as a gift of deep love and respect for oneself or a loved one. Pink Aura is RARE and very healing by relieving stress or negativity as well as enhancing communication. It is very helpful in meditation, channeling and psychic protection as well. You can use it for making any kind of healing body layout, grid or use in Feng Shui. It is especially beautiful wire wrapped in silver for jewelry. Gorgeous!!!
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