1 APRICOT Pink AGATE Tumbled Stone aka Pink Agate Crystal
APRICOT Pink AGATE Tumbled Stone aka Pink Agate Crys... from $4.95
You are buying 1 APRICOT Pink AGATE Tumbled Stone that are from the same lot as the stones pictured. You choose from two sizes:Size: Large = Approx .85" - 1.2" across each stoneExtra Large = Approx 1.3"+ across each stonePolished mostly smooth with some rough inclusionsAKA: Friendship StoneNatural stones may vary slightly from stated size, weight and color as shown. Picture color and clarity may vary due to different settings on monitors and mobile devices.How pretty and unique! These very pretty stones are also called Peach Agate or Pink Agate and can be used for crafting and jewelry as well as any metaphysical purpose.These lovely stones vary in color from very light pink to a medium peach/apricot. Some have bands, some have swirling color and some have spots, eyes or just soft color areas. All unique and one of a kind. I have always found Pink Agate to be very uplifting and joyous and I use it around the heart chakra for healing. It is known as the Friendship Stone that can draw new friends to you. Friends can also each carry a piece with them to send messages of love and friendship when they are apart.
1 Flower Agate Pebble Large Polished Palm Stone for
Flower Pink Agate Pebble Large Polished Palm Stone f... $24.00
You are buying ONE (1) Collector Quality, Grade A Flower Agate Large Polished Pebble that is from the same lot pictured. Size: Approx= 1.7" - 2.6" length x 1.5" width x 1.0"- 1.4" thicknessWeight: 75 gm+ (2.6 oz+ )These pebbles are a type of Chalcedony Agate with combinations of pink, beige, blue, purple, and red layered together with spots of a light pink color in bands, layers and eyes. They are infinitely unique and breathtakingly beautiful! They are ideal to use a large palm stone or a display specimen. They each have gorgeous depth of semi-translucent color and pattern, the picture does not do it justice. Picture color and clarity may vary on different monitors, mobile devices and color settings.This type of Agate is found only in Madagascar and is an INCREDIBLE and RARE find. It is the perfect gift for family or friend or even the person who "has everything" because they will NOT have this unique, rare one-of-a-kind item! These stones consists of swirls of heavenly, translucent tans and greys with white markings accented by layered bands. There are beautiful and dramatic "flowers" and swirls that dominate this stone. This stone is so soft and subtle in many ways that you feel as if you can almost see through it! So take a short vacation by meditating with this stone, eyes open, until your lids gently close into a sweet trance...ahhhhhh....that's better now!

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