Peanut Wood Mini Cabochon (4g) #SK8309 - $9.95
Peanut Wood Mini Cabochon (4g) #SK8309 $9.95
These are the perfect size for medicine bags, medicine wheels, and accenting larger crystals in body layouts and grids. Use them in Feng Shui practice to accent and enhance the beauty of spaces and objects. Try scattering around plants, to enhance the look of candle or incense settings. They are beautifully grouped in your favorite glass dishes or art glass. On a table, put some around any natural objects to call attention to them and create beautiful energy. In crafts, I have used them in mandalas, set inside clear polymer to make a design of any kind. They are great for creating custom jewelry, wire cages, wire wraps. I have posted some pictures above to give you some ideas. Remember, your imagination is the only limit! Important common sense note: don't allow young children to play with these or put them in their mouths. Could be a choking hazard.
1 Peanut Wood Grade A XL Tumbled (24g) #SK6325
Peanut Wood Grade "A" XL Tumbled #SK6325 $17.00
Size: approx 1.2 - 1.7",  15 - 24g each Peanut Wood is an excellent stone for honoring ancestors. It's known to bring a deep appreciation for all that has gone before and the wisdom handed down over generations. I especially connect it with my grandmother whose weathered hands looked a little bit like peanut wood. She taught me gardening and a love of the Earth so I keep one of these stones by her picture on my altar. Tumbled stones are smaller pieces of crystals or rocks that have been processed in a rock tumbler with water, sand, and grit . Over weeks in a tumbler, the stone edges and surfaces become smooth and sometimes highly polished to bring out the beauty of the stone. The pleasing shape and size of tumbled stones make them desirable as more inexpensive and usable crystals.
PEANUT WOOD Crystal Information Card Double sided #HC171 - PEANUT WOOD Crystal Information Card Double sided #HC171 -
PEANUT WOOD Crystal Information Card, Double sided #... $1.25
You are buying 1 (One) Hand Crafted, Bliss Crystals PEANUT WOOD Crystal Information Card. These cards have been designed and printed by our shop, backed by years of personal experience in using Healing Crystals. The paper is card stock with a smooth matte finish so it won't show fingerprints.Business Card Size: 3.5" x 2"These cards are ideal for including with a crystal gift or adding to your personal knowledge for your collection, medicine bag, or altar. Tuck this card Crystal Card into your purse, wallet or backpack or keep it at bedside. On the front of the card (pictured) you will find prints of the stone along with its source locations, color variations, along with Chakra and Zodiac associations. On the back of the card (not pictured) you will find the stone's healing uses based on personal experience and legend.May you enjoy wisdom, discernment, and divine guidance on your life's journey!

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