Evil Eye 18" Silver Plated Hamsa Necklace + Evil Eye Info Card #J746


Evil Eye 18" Silver Plated Hamsa Necklace + Evil Eye Info Card #J746

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You are buying the exact necklace pictured. It is a lovely, high quality interpretation of the protective Hamsa Hand and Evil Eye amulet in a plated Sterling Silver charm and 18" chain.

About the Legend

The Evil Eye is a talismanic symbol originating in many world cultures.
It is defined as curse or a negative energy, causing misfortunes. It is projected or cast onto a person from a glance or stare with a harmful or jealous intention. Wearing protective Evil Eye jewelry and saying a prayer or mantra are remedies to repel and get rid of this negativity.

Use prayers, affirmations or mantras from your own spiritual tradition to counteract Evil Eye effects. Examples are Psalm 91 or the mantra Shri Vishnave Namaha.

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