1 Witches Finger AKA Muscovite Qtz Tumbled #SK6318
1 Witches Finger AKA Muscovite Qtz Tumbled #SK6318 $8.00
Tumbled stones are smaller pieces of crystals or rocks that have been processed in a rock tumbler with water, sand and grit . Over weeks in a tumbler, the stone edges and surfaces become smooth and sometimes highly polished to bring out the beauty of the stone. The pleasing shape and size of tumbled stones make them desirable as more inexpensive and usable crystals.
3 RUTILATED QUARTZ w Muscovite Needles (mixed size) Tumbled
3 RUTILATED QUARTZ w Muscovite Needles (mixed size) ... $4.95
You are buying Three (3) RUTILATED QUARTZ Crystals with Muscovite Needles in mixed size that are from the exact lot of stones pictured. These are beautiful, clean, handpicked stones that have been tumbled smooth and are suitable for any crafting use.Size: Mixed sizes .60" - 1.0" wideWeight: Approx 9 - 11 gm combined weightThese are asymmetrical shaped stones with an organic rounded feeling, made of Clear Quartz with gold and black small spots to long needles of Muscovite mineral. Some are very clear with a gold needle and some are darker with splashes of gold and needles. You will receive an assortment of shapes,sizes and color. They are lovely and VERY hard to find in this quality.
Mariposite Tumbled Stone aka Green Muscovite #MT12
Mariposite Tumbled Stone aka Green Muscovite #MT12 $4.95
Here is something new and different from Mariposa County California, the home of Yosemite National Park. This stone is rarely seen in tumbled form but is a lovely green stone with helpful metaphysical qualities. It is a form of Chromium (green) rich Muscovite or sometimes called Emerald Quartz. You are buying ONE (1) Green Mariposite Tumbled Stone from the same lot as the stones pictured. Each has subtle light to dark green marbling on white stone matrix and has been tumbled and polished smooth and shiny. All ready to use as a pocket stone or a crafting stone for jewelry and creative projects. Size: Approximately .70" across at widest pointShape: Rounded, cube like pebblesWhat a wonderful stone for stress relief. It immediately feels calming and soothing for worries and little panic attacks. It has a deep Earth connection as most Chromium rich stones do, so use it to feel closer to Mother Nature and allow her wonders to nourish your soul. I just love this stone and keep it nearby when work starts to overwhelm.

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