Lepidolite .75" - 1.2" Mini DT Wand #LV1931


Lepidolite .75" - 1.2" Mini DT Wand #LV1931

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Size: .75" - 1.2", Approx. 3 - 6g

Lepidolite takes its name from the Greek lepidos meaning scale, referring to its layered structure. It is a "workhorse" stone that is at its heart, calming and soothing on every level of being. It feels stabilizing yet gentle in its action.

Crystal Towers are usually tall polished or semi-polished points with a flat base. They can have four or more sides culminating in a point at the top. The sides are perpendicular to the base without a taper. This form is practical for displaying, amplifying intentions, and channeling energy in one direction.

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