1 Medium INFINITE aka Healers Stone, Tumbled Healing Crystal and Stone for Reiki #CT57


1 Medium INFINITE aka Healers Stone, Tumbled Healing Crystal and Stone for Reiki #CT57

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You are buying ONE (1) beautiful, medium sized, handmade INFINITE Healer's Stone that is from the same lot pictured.

Size: Medium = .85" - .99" length each
Weight: approx: 11 - 14 gm each

Natural Stones may vary slightly from stated size, weight and color. Picture color and clarity may vary on different monitors, mobile devices and color settings.

These pastel tumbled stones are artfully shaped and polished to a nice size for carrying, massage, and accupressure. Known as the "Healer's Stone" INFINITE is actually a combination found only in South Africa and India. I am entranced in the swirls of soft green/yellow, greys and marbled parfait like designs. Almost good enough to eat, these stones are larger, polished, and so smooth!

Essential to any Reiki or Lightworker's healing collection - they have a wonderful overall healing energy and feel very cool and smooth in the hand. See below for more qualities of Infinite and how to use.

Notes From My Professional Experience
In my professional practice I especially treasure Infinite because it is so helpful to refresh and renew myself after giving a healing session! After all, the healer also needs healing and sometimes working with clients can create an energy shift or depletion. Infinite wonderfully renews that and helps avoid taking on any of the client's metaphysical pain, illness or distress. It is also essential for massage, Reiki and virtually every type of healing modality to draw out negativity on any level. In special cases, it can be used to cleanse and heal the etheric body (the aura) and detach entities like psychic vampires. Because of its ability to "draw out" Infinite should be cleansed after every session with white sage and then placed on Selenite or Clear Quartz for a short period to rest. It can also be used under the pillow for more restful sleep - it has a deeply calming energy that can be channeled for sleep, meditation and general relaxation.
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