Crazy Lace Agate Heart - Small (3cm/20g) #SK7881 - $7.95
Crazy Lace Agate Heart #SK7881 $7.95
Size: Small Approx. 3cm, 20g You are buying One of the beautiful Crazy Lace Agate Hearts from the same lot as pictured, they have been hand cut and polished to a smooth finish. These heart-shaped palm stones are just the sweetest things to add to your collection of crystals. These are very special, handmade, rounded heart stones that are also ideal for crafting and jewelry making.
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Crazy Lace Agate Crescent Moon (25g) #SK7550 - $25
Crazy Lace Agate Crescent Moon (25g) #SK7550 $15.00 $25.00
The Agate family of crystals is one that includes literally hundreds of variations and colors and banding types. Overall it's very soothing to the emotions which helps alleviate stress while promoting peace of mind, so if you need some creative energy or emotional relief then this could be just what you are seeking!
Crazy! 1 XL CRAZY LACE Agate Tumbled Stone w Earthtone
CRAZY LACE Agate XL Tumbled Stone w Earth tone Color... $12.00
Wild and Crazy! That's Crazy Lace Agate...and every one a special case of gorgeous pattern! These are really big puppies too, and shiny beautiful. This group has a very pretty mix of earthtone colors and patterns as shown.You are buying ONE Extra Large Crazy Lace Agate Tumbled Stone that is from the same lot pictured. This is a GORGEOUS one-of-a-kind, Extra Quality, all natural stone for the serious collector or crafter and a great add to any crystal healing collection. It serves perfectly as a healing stone, wire wrap, grid stone, medicine bag or for any crafting purpose.Size: Extra Large = 1.1" - 1.5"Shape: Organic round, oval, chunkyThe patterns on these stones are truly a work of art from Mother Nature - swirls and patterns of all natural colors from combinations of earthtones and neutrals (including accents of red, orange, gold, tan, dove grey, black and pink). All so very pretty and one of a kind! NOTES FROM MY PROFESSIONAL PRACTICEIn my healing practice, I use Crazy Lace Agate primarily for deep grounding to the earth and a sense of success in work. It is a very good stone for reducing insecurities and instilling a sense of practicality and responsibility. "Do what has to be done and get on with it!"Crazy Lace Agate (in spite of its name) is often used to enhance mental functioning, concentration and decision making. It can also be quite helpful in uplifting moods and bringing laughter and joy.

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