Columbianite Nugget Tektite + Info Card #SK7574 - $25
Columbianite Nugget Tektite + Info Card #SK7574 from $25.00
Origin: Andes Mountains in Columbia SAColors: Grey with subtle undertones of blue, yellow, violet, green or brownChakra: AllAKA: Cintamani, Piedra RayoAbout: Often mistaken for Moldavite or other tektites   Each Columbianite will come with a free info card! Columbianite is a sacred shamanic stone of the Muisca tribe, Columbianite is a natural pseudotektite which is very rare. Its origins are somewhat of a mystery because its physical appearance and energy strongly resemble known tektites like Moldavite. However, recent analysis has brought forth a theory that it could be an ancient form of volcanic Obsidian, at least 30 million years old and more rare than Moldavite. Energetically this stone is a connection point with higher beings both terrestrial and extra-terrestrial while staying grounded and present in an Earth's physical body. It promotes inner wisdom, compassion, understanding, and universal love of Mother Earth and all sentient beings.

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