1 Large KYANITE Rough Fan for Wire Wrap #BK41 1 Large KYANITE Rough Fan for Wire Wrap #BK41
Black KYANITE Rough Fan for Wire Wrap 1 Large #BK41 $9.95
You are buying One (1) beautiful, Large Black Kyanite Rough Blade from the same lot pictured. Size: Large = Approx 2.2" - 2.6" length x .60" - 1.0" width x .34" - .65" depth Weight: 15 gm - 25 gm each Natural stones may vary slightly from stated size, weight and color as shown. Picture color and clarity may vary due to different settings on monitors and mobile devices.These outstanding specimens are multiple fans grown together in a beautiful pattern. This quality of black Kyanite is lovely! These specimens are layered with thick fan-like rods. These are perfect for wire wrap, jewelry making, display, Reiki, crystal healing and any type of gridding or healing application. These specimens are "natural" and unpolished. Black Kyanite is an important basic addition to any crystal healing collection because it is one of the very best stones for the throat chakra and the mind. It is very similar to Blue Kyanite as far as its basic metaphysical properties go, but it is particularly noted to align the chakras during meditation. Do not soak Kyanite in water because its layered structure could be damaged. Kyanite never needs cleaning and does not hold any negativity. If you feel it does need cleaning, then gently use a puff of air or place it on a clear quartz cluster.
Three pieces of rough black coral displayed on a white background for Black Kyanite #LV2425 Black Kyanite 2-5’ Rough Stone #LV2425 - Three Black Quartz Crystals on White Background
Black Kyanite 2 - 5" Rough Stone #LV2425 from $10.00
Size: 2 - 5", Approx. 20 - 120g Small: 20 - 45 gm Medium: 46- 70 gm Large: 71 - 99 XL: 100 - 120 gm Kyanite is one of the very best stones for the throat chakra and the mind. I use it extensively for creativity, developing psychic gifts, and intuition. It is highly useful in public speaking or performance. Many people bring it to meetings, court hearings, and legal proceedings as it encourages the truth to be told. A rough version of crystal is usually cut from a much larger piece of mined material that is too large or heavy to be used by a person. Rough chunks such as calcites are often acid-washed to subtly smooth out rough edges that may cause cuts or injury and to prevent further flaking or breakage.

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