1 ANGEL AMPHIBOLE Phantom Quartz Rough Point #AA45 1 ANGEL AMPHIBOLE Phantom Quartz Rough Point #AA45
ANGEL AMPHIBOLE Phantom Quartz Rough Point #AA45 from $12.95
You are buying ONE (1) ANGEL Phantom Quartz aka Angel Amphibole, Natural Point from the lot pictured. You Choose Size:Stone Size: Medium = 3 - 9 gm each / Approx 1.0" - 1.9" lengthLarge = 10 - 18 gm each / Approx 1.0" - 1.9" length*longer stones are more narrowNatural stones may vary slightly from stated size, weight and color as shown. Picture color and clarity may vary due to different settings on monitors and mobile devices.Some of these points have natural vugs on one side. These points are a great example of the internal red, white and brown phantom phenomenon in Amphibole Crystals. The phantoms appear like ribbons, layers or clouds flowing inside the crystal stone. Just gorgeous! This size is a good candidate for a small wire wrap or medicine bag and feels great in the hand. They are all natural and may have a few natural rough spots where you can see inside the stone like a window. So cool!The color ranges from clear to solid red material to a combination of white/pink/ red/ grey inclusions. Also called Amphibole, this lovely stone is a new find from only one mine (Bahia) in Brazil and is quite rare! Amphibole consists of several minerals together with natural inclusions:Red = Hematite, Yellow/Peach = Limonite, White = Kaolinite, Clear = QuartzThere may also be other trace minerals present such as: Actinolite, Tremolite, Hornblende, Riebeckite and Richterite! So it is a powerful blend (similar to Super 7) of many minerals. Eye Candy! Natural! Pretty!Notes From My Professional ExperienceAngel Quartz (like Angelite) is a powerful crystal for connecting to and communicating with Angelic Beings and Benevolent Guides. It is excellent for any type of spiritual work, transformation, healing, increasing access to one's natural intuition, doing creative projects or other activities which require mental concentration and balance. It is also wonderful for working with stress related problems or addictions on any level (we all have them!) I highly recommend it for medicine bags since it is a smaller size and works perfectly with other crystals (no contraindications whatsoever). It is gentle enough to use with babies, the elderly or those with delicate constitutions.

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