Types and Themes of Oracle Cards and How to Use Them

Types and Themes of Oracle Cards and How to Use Them

Oracle cards, distinct from traditional Tarot cards, are a form of divination tools used by many of our gifted psychic readers at Bliss Crystals. Unlike Tarot, which has a more structured system of 78 cards divided into the Major and Minor Arcana, Oracle decks are more free-form and can vary widely in terms of the number of cards, themes, and imagery. Each Oracle deck is unique, often crafted around a specific theme such as angels, animals, nature spirits, or elements, providing a different flavor and focus for readings. Many of the themes are designed by artists well known artists that give the cards their uniqueness and feeling.

Types and Themes of Oracle Cards

Oracle cards come in a diverse range of types and themes. Some popular themes include:

  1. Angelic Oracle Cards: These focus on messages from angels and are often used for comfort, guidance, and reassurance.
  2. Nature-Based Decks: These draw inspiration from natural elements and are used for grounding and connecting with nature's wisdom. These might in include  trees, flowers, crystal spirits, herbs and animals.
  3. Affirmation Cards: Designed to provide positive affirmations and daily inspirations. Themes may include power of thoughts, health and wellness, self love and self confidence boosters. 
  4. Goddess and Ascended Masters Decks: These feature deities or spiritual figures and are used for spiritual guidance and empowerment.Some of the most popular are Kuan Yin, Divine Feminine, Saints, Buddha and the Tao.
  5. Mythology and Legend Decks. These decks are symbolic renderings of mythical creatures such as mermaids, fairies, witches and symbols.
  6. Crystals. Cards that feature a wide variety of gems, minerals and crystals, their energetic properties, healing powers and intentions.   

The significance of Oracle cards lies in their simplicity and directness. They are often considered more straightforward than Tarot cards, making them accessible to beginners as well as experienced readers. Oracle cards are used for gaining insight, contemplation, and guidance. They can provide clarity, offer new perspectives, and help users connect with their intuition.

How to Use Oracle Cards:

  1. Setting an Intention: Before using Oracle cards, it's essential to set an intention or focus on a question or area of life where guidance is sought.
  2. Shuffling and Drawing Cards: The deck is shuffled while focusing on the intention, and cards are drawn as felt appropriate - either one for a simple reading or more for a detailed insight.
  3. Interpreting Messages: Each card is interpreted based on its imagery, symbolism, and the words or phrases on it. Many Oracle decks come with a guidebook to aid in interpretation.
  4. Intuitive Reading: Unlike Tarot, there is less emphasis on specific spreads or positions. The reader relies more heavily on intuition to interpret the messages from the cards in relation to the querent's situation or question.

Oracle cards are often very easy for a person to use solo, without a reader or guide. In that case, it is best to choose a deck with a theme that resonates deeply with you. Such imagery will be comfortable to interpret and easier to understand. And your comfort level will pave the way to use the cards more frequently as they will provide guidance that feels accepting and images that mesh with your soul’s individuality. 

For our many of our Psychic Readers at Bliss Crystals, Oracle cards are a valuable tool in their intuitive practices, offering a complementary and often more intuitive and personalized approach to divination compared to traditional Tarot readings. They allow for a wide range of messages and themes, providing diverse and rich spiritual insights. And many readers may combine both Tarot and Oracle cards in a single reading. 

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