Top 5 Crystals for 2023 Chinese Horoscope Year of the Rabbit

Top 5 Crystals for 2023 Chinese Horoscope Year of the Rabbit

In Chinese Astrology, 2023 is the Year of the Water Rabbit, associated with the elements of both water and of wood.  Thus the crystals associated with this sign are often blue, green or brown.  The Rabbit sign is much gentler than the 2022 Tiger symbol and is expected to promote reflection and harmony, better luck (remember the rabbit’s foot?) and greater access to heart qualities of compassion.  2023 is a Year of Nature, rather than technology so take time for a walk in the woods without social media!

Here are the top Rabbit sign crystals for 2023:

Blue Topaz: Soothing, calming and ever so tender like the innocent baby bunny who steals everyone’s heart. Blue Topaz overflows with the the sweetness of love, happiness, good fortune, prosperity and self confidence. Very popular as an engagement or anniversary ring, it rings true to tender feelings. Most powerful in its energy to manifest personal desires and friendship, it easily dispels grudges, fear and doubt. It illuminates any path to see the big picture, to stabilize emotions, to create receptivity for love and to embrace all the positive aspects of life. It naturally attracts helpful people, optimism, vibrancy and forgiveness.  

Jade: This elegant crystal is said to bring good luck and prosperity, and is often associated with the Year of the Rabbit. It is one of the most protective stones that keeps the wearer from harm and brings great harmony to the home and life by dispelling negativity. It is regarded to promote good health, prosperity and spiritual awakening. Can be used to normalize dysfunctional relationships. Jade channels energy and passion into helpful action. Soothing for mind and emotions. A traditional wedding gift to ensure a happy marriage and home life.

Malachite: A powerful and fast acting crystal for growth, abundance, and new beginnings, making it a good choice for the start of a new year. As a "stone of transformation" Malachite is one of the most protective and healing crystals.  It emanates powerful inspiration for leadership and business success as well as deep emotional healing. At the Heart Chakra it supports fidelity and loyalty. At the 3rd Eye it assists visualization and intuitive creativity. Malachite is often used as a companion with traditional medicine in many areas and conditions primarily for the heart and 3rd Eye chakras. Use on the body or in elixirs only in polished form.

Rose Quartz: Revered by ancient peoples, Rose Quartz naturally tugs at one's heartstrings as a spiritual aphrodisiac. It gently nurtures and grows unconditional love for oneself, partner, family, friends, community, the Earth. By activating the heart's deepest yearnings for love acceptance it draws people and affection to you. Keep it at bedside for romantic dreams of your Soul Mate and call that partner to your side. Rose Quartz is helpful to dissolve feelings of loneliness, isolation, grief, worry or fear. Use it to improve the complexion and radiate confident beauty.

Emerald: Promotes love, harmony and loyalty in relationships of marriage, children, family and friends. Helps mutual understanding in groups and organizations. Promotes inner wisdom, a strong memory, discernment of truth and may aid expression of ideas. It is a stone of balance, inspiration, calm emotions, strength to overcome misfortunes and negativity. It is believed to help with decision-making and to bring good luck.

Ultimately, the best crystal for any given year or individual will depend on their personal preferences and needs. Some people may find that certain crystals resonate more strongly with them, while others may not feel a strong connection to them. It can be helpful to try out a few different crystals and see which ones feel most beneficial to you.

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