The Druid Animal Oracle Deck (36 Cards and 48 Page Booklet)


The Druid Animal Oracle Deck (36 Cards and 48 Page Booklet)

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This beautifully illustrated deck draws from the wellspring of ancient Celtic tradition. The cards have been drawn using the principles of sacred geometry, a science of great importance to the megalith building, pre-Celtic Druids, who employed it extensively in the building of stone circles. Each image incorporates the same use of a pentagram, circle and square. The border of the cards conveys a message in Ogham - the tree language of the Druids. The animals start with the Blackbird, who stands at the Gateway, the Place of Beginnings. Journeying to the 4 other Oldest Animals of Stag, Owl, Eagle, and Salmon, we come to know animals that lead us deeper into the Otherworld. The Journey then turns to the Outerworld with the empowerment of the 4 dragons and the concluding card of the Seal. The booklet presents a summary of the Druid, Celtic and native teachings, concerning 29 animals and 4 dragons. There are 3 blanks that can be used to draw your animal companions.

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