1 XL VARISCITE Tumbled Stone Semi-Rough for Hope #VT15


1 XL VARISCITE Tumbled Stone Semi-Rough for Hope #VT15

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You are buying 1 (One) VARISCITE TUMBLED STONE that is from the lot pictured.

Size: Extra Large = Approximately .95" - 1.9" flat to chunky

Natural stones may vary slightly from stated size, weight, and color as shown. Picture color and clarity may vary due to different settings on monitors and mobile devices.

Each stone is a variable, light spring green color. The stones have a semi-rough texture with a polish (all natural, no waxes or fillers!) They vary in shapes, all are organic, rectangular to rounded mostly flatter shapes as shown in the picture. These will be ideal for medicine bags, crafts, healing layouts or wire wrapping for jewelry. Tumbled Variscite is very hard to come by and RARELY available. .

When times are difficult, VARISCITE is a helpful Crystal Companion to ramp up Courage to face anything. It has a rustic, rugged look which mirrors the attitude one needs to plow through life's mud and muck. It's pretty green color feels hopeful...and energetic. Love it!

Variscite grows in nodules and crusts in irregular patterns. So it looks very unlike most stones when it is tumbled as the rock matrix crust becomes part of the finished stone. It is a wonderful mineral that has many metaphysical uses, including overcoming despair, especially over difficult illnesses. It can give one courage and insight to help in the healing process.

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