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Tree Agate DT Wand Points #SK2257
Tree Agate DT Wand Point #SK2257 $12.75 $17.00
The Agate family of crystals is one that includes literally hundreds of variations and colors and banding types. Overall it's very soothing to the emotions which helps alleviate stress while promoting peace of mind, so if you need some creative energy or emotional relief then this could be just what you are seeking!The wand shape can be naturally occurring or a cut and polished long, shaft shape with or without a pointed end(s). Crystal Wands are highly prized by crystal healers and other energy workers as a ritual tool, as a way to remove blockages, cleanse large areas either around the body or the environment and as a way to direct energy to a specific area.
DENDRITIC TREE AGATE Tumbled Stone for Connection to Nature
DENDRITIC TREE AGATE Tumbled Stone for Connection to... from $3.95
You are buying DENDRITIC TREE AGATE Tumbled Stone that is from the lot pictured. You Choose Size:2 Medium = Approx .75"- .95" at widest point2 Large = Approx 1.0" - 1.1" at widest point1 Extra Large = Approx 1.2" - 1.3" at widest point1 Jumbo = Approx 1.4" - 1.6" at widest pointColor: Green, beige and whiteTreatment: semi-smooth, organic chunky shapeThis is a speckled Tree Agate that shows rich green color and fern-like markings on a white stone background, all one-of-a-kind! The color and patterns on these stones is an inspired work of nature. Each is unique with a polish that makes keeping them in your hand or pocket a sensual pleasure! The colors are swirled together in lacy bands and mottled lakes in a wonderment of nature's design. There are suggestions of "roots" in the brown or grey spots so they appear just plucked out of the crystal forest. The stone originates from Botswana where the world's prettiest agates are found. Tree Agate is one of my favorite stones to connect to the Plant Kingdom and I scatter these around my living plants, flowers and trees. If I am feeling at loose ends, this stone helps me get grounded again and focused on what is real and important. I love to use Tree Agate as a foundation healing stone and for connection to the Earth. It is a member of the Quartz family and is a superior grounding stone for balancing all levels of being. Use it with plants and any living thing that needs healing. Its especially harmonizing Yin Yang energies and can build compassion and self-confidence. I never underestimate agate's healing powers when dealing with negative energy that needs to be overcome, no matter how difficult. Agate works slowly but surely, so give it time and attention as all good things will manifest with patience.

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