PURPLE JADE or Lavender Jade Slice Stone Jadeite aka Dream
PURPLE JADE or Lavender Jade Slice Stone Jadeite aka... from $11.00
Rare and so very sweet! This is Purple Jade also known as Lavender Jade from the Jadeite Family. The marbled color is so very lovely and the energy will either lull you to sweet dreamland or provide a respite from stress, guilt and negativity. Due to its rarity, it is a bit more expensive than green jade, but the rarity is so worth it. For anyone who loves Jade, these gorgeous polished stones are a "must have!"You are buying ONE Purple Jade Tumbled Stone from the same lot as the stones pictured. They are priced by weight. Dimenions may vary and are approximate.7 - 8 gm = Approximately .97" - 1.5" (thin slices)9 - 11 gm = Approximately 1" - 1.3"12 - 14 gm = Approximately 1.3" - 1.5"15 - 18 gm = Approximately 1.3" - 1.6"19 -21 gm = Approximately 1.5" - 1.8" Country of Origin: AfghanistanPurple Jade is an ideal stone for wire wrapping. I always recommend that Jade be kept on the skin to feel its deepest effects. You can also use it as a palm stone and fall asleep with it.
Jadeite .80 - 1.5
Jadeite .80 - 1.5" Tumbled Stone #LV1477 $5.95
Size: .80 - 1.5", Approx. 14gJade is found in many varieties around the world and has been used since prehistoric times as an ornamental stone. It is one of the most protective stones that keeps the wearer from harm and brings great harmony to the home and life by dispelling negativity. It is regarded to promote good health, prosperity, and spiritual awakening. Can be used to normalize dysfunctional relationships. Jade channels energy and passion into helpful action. Soothing for the mind and emotions. A traditional wedding gift to ensure a happy marriage and home life.Tumbled stones are smaller pieces of crystals or rocks that have been processed in a rock tumbler with water, sand, and grit. Over weeks in a tumbler, the stone edges and surfaces become smooth and sometimes highly polished to bring out the beauty of the stone. The pleasing shape and size of tumbled stones make them desirable as more inexpensive and usable crystals.

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