White Aquamarine 5.5" Obelisk Tower #LV1853


White Aquamarine 5.5" Obelisk Tower #LV1853

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Size: 5.5", Approx. 356g

The word Aquamarine comes from Latin meaning sea water and is reminiscent of the ocean. The color blue-green in this stone promotes calming, and courage as well because it was used extensively by sailors for protection against drowning or taken into battle with them when they were on quests where their lives depended upon winning. Today its main use still remains protective amulets but now you can also find these pieces being worn to promote creativity among other things like intuition, meditation, etc...

Crystal Towers are usually tall polished or semi-polished points with a flat base. They can have four or more sides culminating in a point at the top. The sides are perpendicular to the base without a taper. This form is practical for displaying, amplifying intentions, and channeling energy in one direction.

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