Sodalite 2.9" Generator #LV5218


Sodalite 2.9" Generator #LV5218

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Size: 2.9"

Beautiful Sodalite is a lyrical-like crystal for meditators and those seeking spiritual insight. There is an effortless quality to its blue and white veins that feel calming for the mind-clearing confusion, rigidity, and blocks to allow for new learning. It has a tranquil, healing influence on the emotions of overly sensitive Souls. Sodalite inspires trust in groups at work for harmony and a common purpose. It helps boost self-esteem and is soothing for panic attacks, insomnia, nightmares, and phobias. Use it at the throat to quiet nerves in public speaking and release the vocal cords.

A Crystal Generator usually is a cut and polished stone with six equal sides that taper into a point. They are usually wider than crystal towers and have a similar use in directing and amplifying energy. Generators can also be larger than towers or points.

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