Scolecite Needle Spray Natural Cluster on White Huelandite Geode 325 gm 3.2" #LVT05


Scolecite Needle Spray Natural Cluster on White Huelandite Geode 325 gm 3.2" #LVT05

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Weight: 325 gm (11.5 oz)

Size: 3.2" width, height  - 1.5" depth

Color: Sparkling white Scolecite needles in radiating spray formation growing from White Huelandite druzy baby puffballs

This gorgeous small cluster, combination mineral specimen, is museum quality with stunning formations to treasure for a lifetime! The Scolecite needles are tightly stacked and protectedwithin a White Huelandite geode "cave" that is equally impressive with complete inside coverage of sparkling druzy and tiny puffballs. It has a flat base to safely and securely display where it will amaze and inspire!

Scolecite, a member of the zeolite mineral group, forms within geodes through a process of hydrothermal alteration in volcanic rocks, where silica-rich waters percolate through cavities, allowing the delicate, needle-like crystals to grow in a radiating or fibrous pattern. This mineral is typically found in regions with a history of volcanic activity and is often associated with other zeolites and minerals such as apophyllite and stilbite.

Metaphysically, Scolecite is revered for its ability to promote inner peace and deep relaxation, acting as a powerful tool for meditation and spiritual transformation. It is believed to enhance communication with higher dimensions, facilitate heart-centered connections, and support personal growth by releasing outdated thought patterns and emotional baggage.

You can use this beautiful specimen as part of a healing grid, or as a display specimen. We like to tuck these all over the house, here and there, and forget where they are and just let them do their work. Perfect for window sillsand anywhere you want to spread warm, healing, and prosperous energy.

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